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(1977) 1977 Dentist Survey. Public Health, Department of

(1977) 1977 Iowa Bill Drafting Guide. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1977) 1977 economic impact studies, 1977. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1977) Annual Report Of the State Geologist, 1977, Vol. 48. Natural Resources, Department of

(1977) Assistance expenditures for needy Indians,1973-1977. Human Services, Department of

(1977) Executive Order Number Thirty, December 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Eight, November 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Five, July 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Four, June 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Nine, December 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Seven, September 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Six, July 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Executive Order Number Twenty Three, April 1977. Governor's Office

(1977) Geohydrology of Muscatine Island, Muscatine County, Iowa, 1977. University of Iowa

(1977) Iowa D.O.T's Experience with Recycling Portland Cement Pavement and Asphalt Cement Pavement, MLR-77-4, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Recycling of Portland Cement Concrete Roads in Iowa, MLR-77-6, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Resources for career education, 1977. Education, Department of

(1977) Sprinkle Treatment (Bristowes Spreader), HR-512. Transportation, Department of

(1977) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1977. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1977) Under the Golden Dome: The Story of Iowa's State Capitol and What Goes on Inside, 1977. Senate and Staff

(1977) A guide to resources for the study of the recent history of the United States in the libraries of the University of Iowa, the State Historical Society of Iowa, and in the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library, 1977. University of Iowa

January 1977

(1977) Iowa Geological Survey Newsletter, January 1977, Vol.1, no.2. University of Iowa

(1977) Portland Cement Concrete Utilizing Recycled Pavement, MLR-77-3, 1977. Transportation, Department of

1 January 1977

(1977) The impact of restricting beverage container use in Iowa, 1/1/77. Natural Resources, Department of

31 January 1977

(1977) Position Statement, January 31, 1977. Public Health, Department of

March 1977

(1977) An Evaluation of Cover Aggregate Stripping Characteristics, Progress Report, HR-182, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Special education support service programs : personnel approval standards and training program criteria, 1977-78 school year. 1977. Education, Department of

(1977) Water resource availability : executive summary, 1978. Natural Resources, Department of

7 March 1977

(1977) Performance Evaluation: Participant's Training Manual, March 7, 1977. Transportation, Department of

April 1977

(1977) Chloride Penetration Into LSDC (Iowa System) Resurfacing Mixes, MLR-77-05 and R-267, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Low Profile Marker for Wet/Night Visibility, HR-1005, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Strip-mining and small mammals in southern Iowa. 1977. Iowa State University

May 1977

(1977) Bonded, Thin-Lift, Non-Reinforced Portland Cement Concrete Resurfacing, MLR-77-2, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Detection of Steel Corrosion in Bridge Decks and Reinforced Concrete Pavement, HR-156, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Dynamic Pavement Deflection Measurements, Progress Report, HR-178, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Fluvial Sediment Data for Iowa: Suspended-sediment Concentrations, Loads and Sizes; Bed-materials Sizes; and Reservoir Siltation, May 1977. University of Iowa

(1977) Prevention of Reflection Cracking in Asphalt Overlays with Structofors, Petromate, and Cerex, HR-158, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Water Supply Bulletin No. 11; Geology and Ground Water Resources of Muscatine County, Iowa, May 1977. Natural Resources, Department of

June 1977

(1977) Pretrial decision-making in Iowa : comparisons of pretrial programs in Polk County (fifth judicial district) and Linn County (sixth judicial district), 1977. Human Services, Department of

(1977) Skid Resistance of the Secondary Road System in Iowa; HR-168, MLR-77-1, 1977. Transportation, Department of

30 June 1977

(1977) Statewide Cost Allocation Plan, June 30, 1977. Public Defense, Department of

July 1977

(1977) Civil War Documents in the Library of the Division of Historical Museum and Archives, July 1977. Cultural Affairs, Department of

(1977) Fatigue Behavior of Air-Entrained Concrete, HR-183, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Official Directory of Contributors to the Iowa Emergency Resource Management Plan, July 1977. Iowa Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

August 1977

(1977) Intercity Passenger Carrier Improvement Study, Final Report, 1977. Transportation, Department of

24 August 1977

(1977) Hazardous substances and pesticide survey and training program. Volume 1, 1977. Natural Resources, Department of

September 1977

(1977) Experimental Macadam Stone Base Des Moines County, HR-175, Construction Report, 1977. Transportation, Department of

October 1977

(1977) Fibrous Concrete Resurfacing Greene County, Iowa, HR-165, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Recycling of Cass County I-80 Asphalt Concrete, Progress Report, HR-1011, 1977. Transportation, Department of

November 1977

(1977) Dust Control Using an Asphalt Emulsion, HR-196, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Effects of Reduced Intersection Lighting on Nighttime Accident Frequency, HR-1003A, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Macadam Base Shoulders, HR-181, 1977. Transportation, Department of

December 1977

(1977) Evaluation of Air Pollution Control Devices for Asphalt Pavement Recycling Operations, HR-188, Progress Report, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Evaluation of Dense Bridge Floor Concrete using Superplasticizer, HR-192, 1977. Transportation, Department of

(1977) Parental Rights in Special Education, December 1977. Education, Department of

Fall 1977

(1977) Directory of women's organizations, 1977. Human Rights, Department of

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