Recycling of Portland Cement Concrete Roads in Iowa, MLR-77-6, 1977

(1977) Recycling of Portland Cement Concrete Roads in Iowa, MLR-77-6, 1977. Transportation, Department of


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We are depleting the once seemingly endless supply of aggregate available for concrete paving in Iowa. At the present time, some parts of our state do not have locally available aggregates of acceptable quality for portland cement concrete paving. This necessitates lengthy truck and rail hauls which frequently more than doubles the price of aggregate. In some parts of the state, the only coarse aggregates available locally are "d-cracking" in nature. Iowa's recycling projects were devised to alleviate the shortage of aggregates wherever they were found to have an economic advantage. We completed our first recycling project in 1976 on a 1.4 project in Lyon county. The data collected in this project was used to schedule two additional projects in 1977. The larger of these two projects is located in Page and Taylor county on Highway #2 and is approximately 15 miles in length. This material is to be crushed and re-used in the concrete paving, it is to be reconstructed on approximately the same alignment. The second project is part of the construction of Interstate I-680 north of council Bluffs where an existing 24 foot portland cement concrete roadway is to be recycled and used as the aggregate in the slip form econocrete subbase and the portland cement concrete shoulders.

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