Sioux City Signal System Evaluation Study: Draft Final Report, September 1977

(1977) Sioux City Signal System Evaluation Study: Draft Final Report, September 1977. Transportation, Department of

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Sioux City has undertaken this study, in a project partially funded by the Governor's Highway Safety Program, to develop a comprehensive traffic signal system modernization plan having as its goals improved safety and efficiency of surface transportation. These are complementary goals in that increased efficiency infers that the quality and stability of traffic flow has been enhanced which in turn reduces the frequency of traffic conflicts that result in accidents, thereby increasing motorist and pedestrian safety. The study objectives were to investigate existing and future traffic conditions and to examine non-periodic events (e.g. emergency vehicle movement, etc.) to define signal control requirements; evaluate the existing system against these requirements to. identify deficiencies; develop alternative systems structured to provide the traffic control requirements; and select the system that is most cost-effective in satisfying the requirements in Sioux City. The estimated benefits to be realized from the selected system were compared to the estimated capital and recurring costs to determine whether the expenditure was justified. From this it was found that the recommended signal system is a sound investment.

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