Intercity Passenger Carrier Improvement Study, Final Report, 1977

(1977) Intercity Passenger Carrier Improvement Study, Final Report, 1977. Transportation, Department of


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The goal of this research was to recommend specific changes relating to service by intercity buses and third level air carriers to propose an appropriate state role in the implementation of changes. Changes contemplated in this research were to be directed to the increased use of intercity buses and third level air carriers in such manner as to exert a benefit to user as well as the general public. Specific objectives of the project included: (1) to analyze the potential for a system of express intercity bus routes in Iowa; (2) to estimate the demand for third level air carrier services in cities having populations under 50,000; (3) to forecast the relationship between economic costs and benefits from an intercity bus system emphasizing express routes between major population centers and supporting a subsystem of local and intraregional public transportation; (4) to estimate the economic feasibility of expanded third level air carrier service with emphasis upon those routes proposed as worth of further evaluation; and (5) to provide guidance for establishing the need for state and local subsidies to institute a system of express intercity buses and to expand third level air carrier services. In addition to passenger movements, enhancing package freight shipments was also to be considered in the evaluation of proposed improvements.

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