Physical Desulfurization of Iowa Coal by Flotation, June 1977

(1977) Physical Desulfurization of Iowa Coal by Flotation, June 1977. Iowa State University


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An experimental investigation was carried out to develop a flotation technique for the efficient beneficiation of Iowa coal fines that could be applied on a pilot plant scale at the Iowa State University coal preparation plant. Flotation techniques found to be effective on Appalachian coals were studied to determine their effectiveness on Iowa coals. A single-stage flotation technique using metal salts was studied at different pH values. The effects of metal salt concentrations and different frother agents were also examined. Flotation techniques that performed well on Appalachian coals were found to be less effective on Iowa coals. The metal salts tested behaved more as coal activators than as pyrite depressants. The frothers examined exhibited collector like properties. A single-stage flotation technique using l0-4M concentration of metal salts and MIBC as the frother was found to effectively beneficiate Iowa coal fines.

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