Skid Resistance of the Secondary Road System in Iowa; HR-168, MLR-77-1, 1977

(1977) Skid Resistance of the Secondary Road System in Iowa; HR-168, MLR-77-1, 1977. Transportation, Department of


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The Iowa Department of Transportation has been conducting skid resistance tests on the paved secondary system on a routine basis since 1973. This report summarizes the data obtained through 1976 on 10,101 miles in 95 of the 99 counties in Iowa. A summary of the skid resistance on the secondary system is presented by pavement type and age. The data indicates that the overall skid resistance on this road system is excellent. Higher traffic roads (over 1000 vehicles per day) have a lower skid resistance than the average of the secondary roads for the same age and pavement type. The use of non-polishing aggregates in asphaltic concrete paving surface courses and transverse grooving of portland cement concrete paving on high traffic roads is recommended. The routine resurvey of skid resistance on the secondary road system on a 5-year interval is probably not economically justified and could be extended to a 10-year interval.

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Keywords: Aggregates, Asphalt concrete pavements, Cost effectiveness, Pavement grooving, Portland cement, HR-168 concrete, Secondary roads, Skid resistance tests, Surface texture tests, Traffic volume
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