Guttenberg to Cassville Ferry Service: A Feasibility Study, June 1977

(1977) Guttenberg to Cassville Ferry Service: A Feasibility Study, June 1977. Transportation, Department of


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Over a period of several decades the matter of a Mississippi River crossing facility in the Cassville, Wisconsin-Guttenberg, Iowa area has been proposed. Early emphasis was directed toward construction of a bridge. The most recent analysis was made in 1968 in conjunction with the Iowa Toll Bridge Act. The conclusion of that study was that there was inadequate potential cross-river traffic at this location, present and projected, to warrant such an expenditure. More recently the possibility of ferry service has been studied. In 1974 the Wisconsin D.O.T. prepared an analysis of such a proposal to which the Iowa D.O.T. contributed traffic and construction estimate data. A copy of that report is included in the appendix of this report. That study proposed a direct cross-river movement to a point near the Turkey River mouth and would have required construction of a 2-mile Iowa side spur plus dockage facilities. The estimated usage was 200 vehicles per day. This proposal differs in that the Iowa terminal would be at Guttenberg, eight miles upstream from Cassville. While this would eliminate the need for any additional Iowa road construction, the trip length and terminal location would affect the usage characteristics. This report is an attempt to gather and analyze the information needed to determine the cost and usage factors for such a service.

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