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(1969) Armed forces career fields : Army, Navy -- Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, 1969. Iowa Workforce Development

(1969) Condition of the State of Iowa, 1969 (63rd General Assembly). Governor's Office

(1969) Condition of the State of Iowa, 1969 (63rd General Assembly). Governor's Office

(1969) ESEA Title II in Iowa: a pilot Evaluation, 1969. Education, Department of

(1969) Executive Order Number One, August 1969. Governor's Office

(1969) Factors affecting the establishment of young farm operators in Iowa and implications for agricultural education, 1969. Education, Department of

(1969) Factors influencing stability of granular base course mixes, 1969. Iowa State University

(1969) Field Observation of Five Lightweight Aggregate Pretensioned Prestressed Bridge Beams, HR-104, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) History of Lake MacBride State Park,1969. Natural Resources, Department of

(1969) A History of Particle-Size Limits, Special Report, HR-99, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Improvement of Granular Base Course Materials with Portland Cement, Special Report, HR-99, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Inspector's Handbook: Subbase Construction, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Inspector's Handbook: Well Construction, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1969. Civil Rights Commission

(1969) Iowa handbook for teachers in adult basic education, 1969. Education, Department of

(1969) Occupational research supplement no. 2 : selected bibliography of Iowa research in vocational-technical education and related areas -- 1966-1968. Education, Department of

(1969) Report of area district activities for improvement of education in Iowa schools, 1968-1969. Education, Department of

(1969) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1969. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1969) Years of valor,1969. Governor's Office

February 1969

(1969) Criteria for the Evaluation and Disposition of Low-Traffic-Count Secondary Roads, HR-139, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Lightweight Aggregate Use in Structural Concrete, MLR-69-1 and R-229, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) Time-Dependent Deformation of Non-Composite and Composite Sand-Lightweight Prestressed Concrete Structures, Phase 1, HR-137, 1969. Transportation, Department of

(1969) X-Ray Diffraction of Highway Materials, HR-128, 1969. Transportation, Department of

6 March 1969

(1969) Reference/information services in Iowa libraries : a tentative report, 1969. University of Iowa

(1969) Reference/information services in Iowa libraries, 1969. University of Iowa

April 1969

(1969) Road Profile Adjustment Computer Program, HR-143, 1969. Transportation, Department of

June 1969

(1969) A Study of Curing Methods and Type II Cements on the Durability of Concrete, R-11-Z(1), 1969. Transportation, Department of

August 1969

(1969) Durability and Durability Tests for Paving Asphalt: A State-of-the-Art Report, HR-124, 1969. Transportation, Department of

31 August 1969

(1969) Continuation of an Occupational Research and Development Coordinating Unit for the State of Iowa, August 31, 1969. Education, Department of

October 1969

(1969) Development of a Durability Test for Asphalts, HR-124, Progress Report No. 3., 1969. Transportation, Department of

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