A Study of Curing Methods and Type II Cements on the Durability of Concrete, R-11-Z(1), 1969

(1969) A Study of Curing Methods and Type II Cements on the Durability of Concrete, R-11-Z(1), 1969. Transportation, Department of


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A program of A (90 day moist room), B (14 day moist room) and C (7 day moist room and 7 day 50%_humidity) type curing for the R-11-Z program of durability of concrete using the automatic freeze and thaw machine (ASTM C-291) has been used in the Materials Department of the Iowa State Highway Commission since December 6, 1966. A summary of the results obtained from then until March 25, 1968, indicates that the B and C type curing are yielding very little valuable information. However, the A cure exhibits a wide range of durability factors and also groups the aggregates in an order which is related to the service record (there are definite exceptions. The biggest disadvantage to the A cure is the length of time that it takes to complete the test (90 day cure and 38 day test). The Kansas Highway Department has experimented with different cements and aggregates in order to determine which combination offers a concrete with the best durability factor possible. In an experimental test section of highway, concrete made with a Type II cement appeared to have better durability than others made with Type I cements. Because of this, a question has been raised at the Iowa State Highway Commission - Can concrete made with Type II cements, because of a lesser amount of tricalcium aluminate, yield better durability than concrete made with Type I cements?

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