Improvement of Granular Base Course Materials with Portland Cement, Special Report, HR-99, 1969

(1969) Improvement of Granular Base Course Materials with Portland Cement, Special Report, HR-99, 1969. Transportation, Department of


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A highway base course may be defined as a layer of granular material which lies immediately below the wearing surface of a pavement and must possess high resistance to deformation in order to withstand pressures imposed by traffic. A material commonly used for base course construction is crushed limestone. Sources of limestone, acceptable for highway bases in the state of Iowa, occur almost entirely in the Pennsylvanian, Mississippian and Devonian strata. Performance records of the latter two have been quite good, while material from the Pennsylvanian stratum has failed on numerous occasions. The study reported herein is one segment of an extensive research program on compacted crushed limestone used for flexible highway base courses. The primary goals of the total study are: 1. Determination of a suitable and realistic laboratory method of compaction. 2. Effect of gradation, and mineralogy of the fines, on shearing strength. 3. Possible improvement of the shear strength with organic and inorganic chemical stabilization additives. Although the study reported herein deals primarily with the third goal, information gathered from work on the first two was required for this investigation. The primary goal of this study was the evaluation of various factors of stability of three crushed limestones when treated with small amounts of type I Portland cement. Investigation of the untreated materials has indicated that shear strength alone is not the controlling factor for stability of crushed stone bases. Thus the following observations were made in addition to shear strength parameters, to more adequately ascertain the stability of the cement treated materials: 1. Volume change during consolidation and shear testing. 2. Pore pressure during shear. The consolidated-undrained triaxial shear test was used for determination of the above factors.

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Keywords: Aggregate gradation, Cement additives, Crushed limestone, Flexible pavements, Granular materials, Portland cement, Shear strength, Triaxial shear tests
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