Development of a Durability Test for Asphalts, HR-124, Progress Report No. 3., 1969

(1969) Development of a Durability Test for Asphalts, HR-124, Progress Report No. 3., 1969. Transportation, Department of


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Research Project HR-124, "Development of a Laboratory Durability Test for Asphalts," was initiated in 1966 as a long range comprehensive program. Its ultimate objective was to develop a simple, rapid laboratory test that could be used by highway engineers to select paving asphalt according to quality, to identify inferior asphalts, and to reasonably predict the useful life of asphalts once they were incorporated in the pavements. This report, designated Progress Report No. 3, summarizes the work accomplished during the second year of the HR-124 extension (1967 - 1969), i. e., the period from 1 October 1968 to 31 October 1969.

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Keywords: Asphalt, Asphalt cement, Asphalt hardening, Asphalt pavements, Asphaltene, Bituminous mixtures, Bituminous pavements, Durability, Hot mix asphalt, Hyperbolic functions, Laboratory tests, Mixing, Oven tests, Oxidation, Oxygen content, Quality control, Service life, Softening point, Soil penetration test, Thin films, Time, Viscosity
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