Road Profile Adjustment Computer Program, HR-143, 1969

(1969) Road Profile Adjustment Computer Program, HR-143, 1969. Transportation, Department of


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A computer program to adjust roadway profiles has been developed to serve as an aid to the county engineers of the State of Iowa. Many hours are spent reducing field notes and calculating adjusted roadway profiles to prepare an existing roadway for paving that will produce a high quality ride and be as maintenance free as possible. Since the computer is very well adapted to performing long tedious tasks; programming this work for a computer would result in freeing the engineer of these tasks. Freed from manual calculations, the engineer is able to spend more time in solving engineering problems. The type of roadway that this computer program is designed to adjust is a road that at sometime. in its history was graded to a finished subgrade. After a period of time, this road is to receive a finished paved surface. The problem then arises whether to bring the existing roadway up to the de signed grade or to make profile adjustments and comprise between the existing and the design profiles. In order to achieve the latter condition using this program, the engineer needs to give the computer only a minimum amount of information.

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