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(1979) 1979 Iowa Bill Drafting Guide. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1979) Annual Report Of the State Geologist, 1979, Vol. 50. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) Changes in the Channel Area of the Missouri River in Iowa, 1879-1976. University of Iowa

(1979) Child abuse and neglect : the role of protective services, 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) Employer Directory: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1979. Iowa Workforce Development

(1979) Executive Order Number Thirty Five, June 1979. Governor's Office

(1979) Index for Senate and House Journals, 1979. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1979) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1979. Civil Rights Commission

(1979) Iowa Highway Archaeology Annual Report 1978-1979, HR-198, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Iowa offers you more : a place to grow, 1979. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1979) Iowa's Mineral Heritage, November 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) Journal of the House of Representatives of the 68th GA Vol. 1, 1979. House of Representatives and Staff

(1979) Ledges Nature Trail, 1979. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) Myelodysplastic Clinic, 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) North Bluff Overlook: Self-Guiding Nature Trail, 1979. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) Northwest Iowan's [sic] share their memories: anthologies written, typed and illustrated by area residents, 1987. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) Office of Materials prepared by Office of Materials, Iowa Department of Transportation, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Preliminary Report - Matlock Tachonite Body, March 9, 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) Public Library Statistics: State Library of Iowa, 1977-78. Library of Iowa, State

(1979) Roster of State Officials, 1979. Computer Services Division (Legislative Computer Support Bureau)

(1979) State Average Grain Prices for the year 1979. Agriculture and Land Stewardship

(1979) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1979. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1979) A proposed personnel management system for the city of Oelwein, 1979. Iowa Workforce Development

January 1979

(1979) Arterial 561 Couler Valley, Dubuque, IA Part II: Draft Environmental Impact Statement Appendix - Cultural Resources Assessment, January 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Bridge Deck Repair Using Epoxy Resin, HR-177, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Coal Resource Program Report, January 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) Crack Survey for Fibrous P.C. Concrete Overlay Research in Greene County, Iowa, HR-165, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Determination of Rumble Strip Effectiveness, HR-184, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) General Aggregate Source Information, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Iowa Geological Survey Newsletter, January 1979, Vol.1, no.4. University of Iowa

February 1979

(1979) Dynamic Deflections for Determining Structural Rating of Flexible Pavements, HR-178, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Evaluation of Cover Aggregate Stripping Characteristics, HR-182, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Fatigue Behavior of Air-Entrained Concrete: Phase II, HR-197, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) National Register of Historic Places in Iowa, February 1979. Cultural Affairs, Department of

March 1979

(1979) A Further Evaluation of Concrete Bridge Deck Surfacing in Iowa, MLR-79-1, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Revised Iowa State Energy Conservation Plan : 1979 - 1980, 1979. Transportation, Department of

30 March 1979

(1979) Central Personnel Study: Iowa, March 30, 1979. Iowa Economic Development Authority

April 1979

(1979) Development of Concepts for Pavement Management, MLR-79-04, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Training Helpers: A Trainer's Manual for Workshops in Interpersonal Helping Skills, April 1979. University of Iowa

May 1979

(1979) Computer Mapping: A State of the Art Report, May 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Evaluation of Fly Ash in Portland Cement Concrete Paving in Woodbury County, Iowa, HR-201, Construction Report, 1979. Transportation, Department of

June 1979

(1979) Field Evaluation of Pavement Marking Materials, MLR-79-02, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Follow-up on psychological services : state of the art, 1979. Education, Department of

(1979) Pavement Wear and Studded Tire Use in Iowa, HR-148, 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Wind Tunnel Analysis of the Effects of Planting at Highway Grade Separation Structures, HR-202, 1979. Transportation, Department of

July 1979

(1979) Transverse Joint Sealing with Various Sealants, Progress Report, HR-203, 1979. Transportation, Department of

August 1979

(1979) Performance of Various Thicknesses of P.C. Concrete Secondary Pavement, HR-9, 1979. Transportation, Department of

September 1979

(1979) Attitudes of Prison Inmates, September 1979. Corrections, Department of

(1979) Iowa Interstate Rest Area Stabilization Ponds;HR-207, September 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Review of Geotechnical Investigations of Loess in North American, September 1979. University of Iowa

(1979) Safer Constrauction and Maintenance Practices to Minimize Potential Liabiliy by Counties from Accidents;HR-204, Septemeber 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Safer Construction and Maintenance Safer Construction and Maintenance Practices to Minimize Potential Liability by Counties from Accidents, September 1979. Transportation, Department of

(1979) Status of Hydrogeologic Studies in Northwest Iowa, September 1979. University of Iowa

1 September 1979

(1979) Environmental assessment of climate, soils and tetrapod vertebrates of Volga River State Recreation Area, Fayette County Iowa, September 1, 1979. Natural Resources, Department of

October 1979

(1979) Asphalt Stabilization (Asphadur)/Reduction of Reflection Cracks (Monsanto Bidim Synthetic Fabric), HR-511, 1979. Transportation, Department of

20 October 1979

(1979) Fields Trip Guidebook to the Cambrain Stratigraphy of Allamakee County; Field Guidebooks, October 20, 1979. Natural Resources, Department of

November 1979

(1979) Penetration Characteristics of Asphalt in a Recycled Mixture, MLR-79-03, 1979. Transportation, Department of

December 1979

(1979) Drought in Iowa: Pattern, Frequency, Intensity, December 1979. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) Iowa Conservationist, December 1979, Vol. 38, no.12. Natural Resources, Department of

(1979) A Manual for clerks of the Iowa district courts / Institute of Public Affairs, The University of Iowa, in cooperation with the Iowa Association of Clerks of Court, 1979. University of Iowa

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