Penetration Characteristics of Asphalt in a Recycled Mixture, MLR-79-03, 1979

(1979) Penetration Characteristics of Asphalt in a Recycled Mixture, MLR-79-03, 1979. Transportation, Department of


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Samples of both recycled and nonrecycled asphaltic concrete were extracted in increments by the Abson Recovery Method and the penetration of the asphalt from each increment determined. The recycled projects were plantsite operations containing various amounts of virgin gravel. Cored samples were taken from the pavements on Kossuth County roads that were constructed as recycled projects in 1975, 1976, and 1977. Cored samples were also taken from a Kossuth County paving project done in 1975, that was not recycled. Comparison mix samples from 1978 construction projects in Marshall and Woodbury Counties of non - recycled projects are included. The test data from the penetrations of the recovered asphalt indicates that mixing of the old and new asphalt occurs very extensively in the hot recycling process. In laboratory controlled conditions it is difficult to coat aggregates with different penetration asphalts and prevent them from mixing.

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