Pavement Wear and Studded Tire Use in Iowa, HR-148, 1979

(1979) Pavement Wear and Studded Tire Use in Iowa, HR-148, 1979. Transportation, Department of


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This report presents the results of surveys to determine studded tire usage in Iowa. Also reported are the results of measurements of transverse pavement profiles at selected locations where the pavement is subjected to a high volume of traffic. The surveys were made in January of each of the years 1969 through 1978 and in each of 27 areas into which the state was divided. Estimates of studded tire usage were also made at various locations on Interstate highways in Iowa. The lowest percentage of studded tires was observed in the initial count during the winter of 1968-69. Two years later the percentage had increased to the maximum (22.6%) and then began a gradual decline. The latest count in January of 1978 indicated 8.5% of the cars had studded tires. The decline in the use of studded tires is attributed to the efforts of the Iowa DOT and others to obtain a ban on studded tires and a continual increase in the use of radial tires with claims of improved traction. The wear measurements were recorded by camera. It was found that studded tires have worn ruts in Iowa pavements as deep as 5/16 inch. The ruts lead to water on the pavement and this causes hydroplaning, as well as splash and spray. The conclusion of the study was that studded tires should be banned in Iowa.

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