Development of Concepts for Pavement Management, MLR-79-04, 1979

(1979) Development of Concepts for Pavement Management, MLR-79-04, 1979. Transportation, Department of


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Sufficient evidence was not discovered in this brief search to alter the general opinion that the Serviceability (Present Serviceability Index-PSI) - Performance Concepts developed by the AASHO Road Test provides the optimum engineering basis for pavement management. Use of these concepts in Iowa has the additional advantage in that we have a reasonable quantity of historical data over a period of time on the change in pavement condition as measured by PSI's. Some additional benefits would be the ability to better assess our needs with respect to those being recommended to Congress by AASHTO Committees. These concepts have been the basis used for developing policies on dimensions and weight of vehicles and highway needs which the AASHTO Transport Committees have recommended to the United States House Committee on Ways and Means. The first recommendation based on these concepts was made in the mid 1960's. Iowa's participation in the evaluation for this recommendation was under the direction of our present Director of Transportation, Mr. Raymond Kassel. PSI Indexes had to be derived from subjective surface ratings at that time. The most recent recommendation to Congress was made in November of 1977. Based on the rationale expressed above, a pilot study of the major part of the rural interstate system was conducted. The Objective of the study was to measure pavement performance through the use of the Present Serviceability Index (PSI) - Pavement Performance concepts as developed by the AASHO Road Test and to explore the usefulness of this type of data as a pavement management tool. Projects in the vicinity of the major urban centers were not included in this study due to the extra time that would be required to isolate accurate traffic data in these areas. Projects consisting of asphalt surface courses on crushed stone base sections were not included.

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