Field Evaluation of Pavement Marking Materials, MLR-79-02, 1979

(1979) Field Evaluation of Pavement Marking Materials, MLR-79-02, 1979. Transportation, Department of


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Pavement marking materials other than conventional paint must be evaluated as environmental standards become more restrictive. The new EPA classification for solvents states that all oil paints are photochemically reactive and, therefore, contribute to smog. This will eventually result in the elimination of organic solvents from all paints, which may occur in Iowa by 1985. The Special Investigations Section of the Office of Materials field reviewed all urban and rural applications of pavement marking materials in the spring of 1979. The field review consisted of a visual estimation of percent marking missing, percent satisfactory, and percent non-satisfactory; reflective readings by ERMA; and notation of special conditions which may have impacted performance. ERMA was not effective in evaluating the reflective quality of pavement marking materials. No pavement marking materials evaluated have been successful enough to date to totally replace conventional painting methods.

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Keywords: Environmental protection, Evaluation and assessment, Organic solvents, Reflectivity, Road marking materials, Traffic paint
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