Dynamic Deflections for Determining Structural Rating of Flexible Pavements, HR-178, 1979

(1979) Dynamic Deflections for Determining Structural Rating of Flexible Pavements, HR-178, 1979. Transportation, Department of


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The Road Rater is a dynamic deflection measuring apparatus for flexible base pavements. The Road Rater replaces the Benkelman Beam which was last used by the Iowa DOT in 1977. Road Rater test results correlate reasonably well (correlation coefficient = 0.83) with Benkelman Beam test data. The basic differences between the Road Rater and Benkelman Beam are as follows: 1. The Benkelman Beam uses a static 18,000 lb. load while the Road Rater uses a dynamic 800 to 2,000 lb. loading. 2. The Road Rater tests much faster and more economically than the Benkelman Beam. 3. The Road Rater better simulates a moving truck than the Benkelman Beam. The basic operating principle of the Road Rater is to impart a dynamic loading and measure the resultant movement of the pavement with velocity sensors. This data, when properly adjusted for temperature by use of a nomograph included in this report, can be used to determine pavement life expectancy and estimate overlay thickness required. Road Rater testing will be conducted in the spring, when pavements are in their weakest condition, until seasonal correction factors can be developed. The Road Rater does not have sufficient ram weight to effectively evaluate load carrying capacity of rigid pavements. All rigid pavements react similarly to Road Rater testing and generally deflect from 0.65 to 1.30 mils. Research will be contined to evaluate rigid pavements with the Road Rater, however. The Road Rater has proven to be a reliable, troublefree pavement evaluation machine. The deflection apparatus was originally front-mounted,but was rear-mounted during the winter of 1977-78. Since that time, van handling has greatly improved, and front suspension parts are no longer overstressed due to improper weight distribution.

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