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(1976) Iowa Vocational-Technical Teacher Retention Study, Fall 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) Des Moines Heritage; A Survey of Significant Architecture, Summer 1976. Iowa State University

(1976) Iowa and The U.S. Bicentennial, 1776-1976:The Final Report/Iowa American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, December 1976. Governor's Office

(1976) State of Iowa Rail Planning Work Statement, December 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Interstate 129, Sergeant Floyd Memorial Bridge, dedication, Monday, November 22, 1976, 11:00 am,1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) An Evaluation of the Roto-Mill Profiler on Concrete Pavements in Iowa, MLR-76-1, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Floods in Iowa : stage and discharge,1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Investigation of Highway Lighting, HR-154, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Summary of Oil & Gas Test Wells in Iowa, November 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) Fibrous Concrete Resurfacing Greene County, Iowa, HR-165, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Iowa Construction and Maintenance Traffic Control Handbook, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Iowa DOT staff waterway user charge proposal,1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Geological Points of Interest in the Fort Dodge Area; Field Guidebooks, September 11, 1976. Natural Resources, Department of

(1976) Irrigation in Iowa, August 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) Area Correctional Centers: Preliminary Study, July 20, 1976. Corrections, Department of

(1976) A Late-Glacial Pollen Sequence from Northeastern Iowa; Sumner Bog Revisited, July 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) "Pandora's Box" : a survey of reactions to a statewide data system, 1976. Human Services, Department of

(1976) Selected Geologic Information from Drill Holes in Northeastern Iowa, July 1076. University of Iowa

(1976) A Thermal Model for the Surface Temperature of Materials on the Earth's Surface, July 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) A Regional Guide to Iowa Landforms, June 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) The Use of SIMPLOTEER, A High Level Plotting System, May 1976. Iowa State University

(1976) Employee handbook, 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) Guidelines for Handling Disciplinary Actions, April 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) Maintenance of Pavement Skid Resistance (Open Graded Asphalt Friction Courses), Progress Report, HR-170, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) The IJK Ride Indicator, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Iowa Geological Survey Newsletter, January 1976, Vol.1, no.1. University of Iowa

(1976) A Laboratory Investigation of An Accelerated Polishing Method for Determining the Skid Resistance Potential of Aggregates, MLR-76-02 and R-264, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Water Quality Management Planning Progress: Approved Work Plan, June 1976-November 1978. Iowa State University

(1976) 1976-1980 Iowa Transportation Improvement Program. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Annual Report Of the State Geologist, 1976, Vol. 47. Natural Resources, Department of

(1976) A Biohermal Facies in the Silurian of Eastern Iowa: Report of Investigations 6, 1975. University of Iowa

(1976) City of Keokuk, Iowa: Traffic Safety Study, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Executive Order Number Twenty One, April 1976. Governor's Office

(1976) Executive Order Number Twenty Two, December 1976. Governor's Office

(1976) Gifted and Talented: Commentary and Review of Selected Document Abstracts and Journal Article Citations on Gifted and Talented, 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) Gravity Survey of the Randalia Magnetic Anomaly Fayette County, Iowa: Report of Investigations 11, 1975. University of Iowa

(1976) Homemaker-Home Health Aide Supervision, 1976. Human Services, Department of

(1976) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1976. Civil Rights Commission

(1976) Land-Use in Iowa, 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) Land-Use in Iowa: 1976 An Explanation of the Map, 1976. University of Iowa

(1976) Road Map Math, 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) Rules for Teacher Education and Certification, 1976. Education, Department of

(1976) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1976. Transportation, Department of

(1976) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1976. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1976) Traffic Engineering Study, 1976. Iowa State University

(1976) A guideline : steps in a school bond election / State of Iowa, Department of Public Instruction, 1976. Education, Department of

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