Maintenance of Pavement Skid Resistance (Open Graded Asphalt Friction Courses), Progress Report, HR-170, 1976

(1976) Maintenance of Pavement Skid Resistance (Open Graded Asphalt Friction Courses), Progress Report, HR-170, 1976. Transportation, Department of


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This project involved the evaluation of several aggregates previously rated poor to excellent with respect to skid resistance and certain mix design parameters. An open graded asphalt friction course was evaluated using 4 comparably graded aggregates: quartzite, fine grained limestone, coarse limestone and lightweight expanded shale. The performance investigations involved the verification of observations of the quartzite test sections, evaluation of the effect of blending the superior quartzite with a typical coarse grained-textured limestone, and the evaluation of the limestone. The effects of traffic on the aggregates used in the test sections were studied, as well as the relationship between asphalt content levels and traffic with respect to performance. The bond of the open graded friction course mixture was also evaluated. The SN performance of all test sections after sixteen months of exposure was found to be satisfactory in that none of the material combinations had polished to the point where unacceptable SN levels developed. When material combinations were compared, significant differences were noted.

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Keywords: Aggregate gradation, Asphalt content, Blending, Coarse aggregates, Fine aggregates, Lightweight aggregates, Limestone, Mix design, Pavement performance, Polishing (Aggregates), Quartzite, Shale, Skid resistance, Test sections, Traffic
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