Concepts and Surveys for Area Health Care Planners by Marvin R. Duncan and Robert W. Crown, August 1976

(1976) Concepts and Surveys for Area Health Care Planners by Marvin R. Duncan and Robert W. Crown, August 1976. University of Iowa


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This report discusses some basic definitions and distinctions that have been found useful in collecting health-related information at the community and area level for use in considering the planning of health care delivery as part of the community's overall functioning. The information collected under these definitions is useful to the community planner, or local health care planner, who recognizes "health" as one aspect of community life (granted that it is a significant aspect), and realizes that planning for it conditions and is conditioned by planning for other aspects of community life. That such a report is timely is underlined by the tendency for health care providers as well as governments at all levels to pool information in hopes of developing a sufficient data base to support better planning in health care delivery (in terms of minimizing costs and increasing accessibility). That such a report is needed is underlined when one realizes that the information that is being pooled tends to be of a highly specialized, technical, and medical nature, which in most cases is valuable primarily for the research into disease incidences, hospital administration, public health problems, and so on. But, such information is of limited use for planning within a community setting.

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