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(1973) 1973 Iowa Bill Drafting Guide. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1973) 1973. Iowa County Zoning Law Explained: Iowa Code Chapter 358A. Iowa State University Extension

(1973) Annual Report Of the State Geologist, 1973, Vol. 43-44. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) A Century of Patient Care: 1873-1973. University of Iowa

(1973) Contempoary Public Affairs: Amnesty, 1973. University of Iowa

(1973) Curriculum information network for the social studies, 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) Entry Level Jobs for College Grads, 1973. Administrative Services

(1973) Executive Order Number Eighteen, December 1973. Governor's Office

(1973) Executive Order Number Fitteen, April 1973. Governor's Office

(1973) Executive Order Number Seventeen, november 1973. Governor's Office

(1973) Executive Order Number Sixteen, November 1973. Governor's Office

(1973) Guidelines : state and personal cars used on official business, 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) Index for Senate and House Journals, 1973. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1973) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1973. Civil Rights Commission

(1973) Iowa Conservationist Index, January 1973-December 1973, Volume 32. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Iowa Pupil Transportation Workshop, 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) The Iowa Society for the Preservation of Historic Landmarks, 1973. Cultural Affairs, Department of

(1973) Iowa's Natural Prairies: A Living Heritage, 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Journal of the House of Representatives of the 65th GA Vol. 1, 1973. House of Representatives and Staff

(1973) Journal of the Senate of the 65th GA 1 of the State of Iowa, 1973. Senate and Staff

(1973) Mississippian Aquifer of Iowa, 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Organization, Storage and Distribution of Non-Book Materials in the School Library Media Center, Revised Edition 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) Resource Development Land and Water Use Management South Central Iowa Eleven County Region, 1973. University of Iowa

(1973) Roster of State Officials, 1973. Computer Services Division (Legislative Computer Support Bureau)

(1973) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1973. Transportation, Department of

(1973) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1973. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1973) Travel in Iowa during: An Economic Analysis of Tourists and the Major Travel-Serving Businesses, 1973. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1973) Working Papers on the Iowa City Civil Service Law, 1973. University of Iowa

(1973) A guide to historic Iowa. Education, Department of

January 1973

(1973) Feasibility Study of Dynamic Overload and Ultimate Load Tests of Full-Scale Highway Bridges, HR-160, 1973. Transportation, Department of

(1973) IoWoman, January, 1973. Human Rights, Department of

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, January 1973, Vol. 32, no.1. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Preliminary Interpretation Report Airborne Magnetometer Survey of Southern Iowa, January, 1973. University of Iowa

(1973) Prepackaged Abstracts on Teacher Evaluation, January 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) A selected bibliography on the relationships between agriculture and water quality, 1973. Iowa State University

31 January 1973

(1973) Guidelines for the Preparation of Sanitary Landfill Permit Applications, January 31, 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

February 1973

(1973) Evaluation of Gap-Graded Asphalt Concrete Mixtures Part II: Statistical Design and Analysis, HR-157, 1973. Transportation, Department of

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, February 1973, Vol. 32, no.2. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Planning for interagency cooperation in rural development: Card Report 45, February 1973. Iowa State University

(1973) A Review of Urban Geocoding,1973. University of Iowa

(1973) Utility accommodation policy of the Iowa State Highway Commission, 1973. Transportation, Department of

March 1973

(1973) IoWoman, March, 1973. Human Rights, Department of

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, March 1973, Vol. 32, no.3. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) A Traffic Study for the Bridgeport Industrial Area Sioux City, Iowa, March 1973. Transportation, Department of

April 1973

(1973) IoWoman, April, 1973. Human Rights, Department of

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, April 1973, Vol. 32, no.4. Natural Resources, Department of

1 April 1973

(1973) Pioneer life in Iowa : interesting glimpses recipes & poems, 1973. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

3 April 1973

(1973) Missouri riverfront parkway & scenic highway design study, 1973. Transportation, Department of

May 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, May 1973, Vol. 32, no.5. Natural Resources, Department of

17 May 1973

(1973) Iowa Crime Commission Audit Report, May 17, 2973. Public Safety, Department of

June 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, June 1973, Vol. 32, no.6. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Report of the technical task force Saylorville Reservoir environmental impact study : a review conducted for the Inter-Agency Resource Council Office of The Governor, 1973. Governor's Office

13 June 1973

(1973) Geology of Pikes Peak State Park, Clayton County, Iowa, June 13, 1973. University of Iowa

July 1973

(1973) Dedicated to Better and Safer Highways, Iowa State Highway Commission, July 1973. Transportation, Department of

(1973) Howard County Overall Economic Development Program Report: A Guide to Local Decision-Making for Growth and Development, July 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) An Investigation of Portland Cement Concrete Utilizing 70% Class V Aggregate and 30% Calcareous Coarse Aggregate, R-255, 1973. Transportation, Department of

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, July 1973, Vol. 32, no.7. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Minimum curriculum requirements for approval of Iowa elementary and secondary schools and curriculum required by law in Iowa schools, July 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) Residential Corrections: Alternative to Incarceration, July 1973. Human Services, Department of (Health and Human Services, Department of)

(1973) Surface Improvement and Dust Palliation of Unpaved Secondary Roads and Streets, HR-151, 1973. Transportation, Department of

August 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, August 1973, Vol. 32, no.8. Natural Resources, Department of

15 August 1973

(1973) Methods to Increase Durability of Reactive ("D" Cracking) Coarse Aggregate in Portland Cement Concrete, MLR-73-01, 1973. Transportation, Department of

September 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, September 1973, Vol. 32, no.9. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Solid waste management plan for Iowa, 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

(1973) Traffic Engineering Study for the Oelwein, Iowa Central Business District, Iowa, September 1973. Transportation, Department of

October 1973

(1973) Economic development in Iowa's future : a reference paper / Planning Committee for Governor's Conference on Iowa in the Year 2000, 1973. Governor's Office

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, October 1973, Vol. 32, no.10. Natural Resources, Department of

November 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, November 1973, Vol. 32, no.11. Natural Resources, Department of

13 November 1973

(1973) Transcript of Public Hearing on Proposed Rules for Reporting Livestock Poisoning, November 13, 1973. Natural Resources, Department of

December 1973

(1973) Iowa Conservationist, December 1973, Vol. 32, no.12. Natural Resources, Department of

Summer 1973

(1973) Goals and objectives for implementation of career education in grades 7-12 : Mason City Community School District, 1973. Education, Department of

(1973) IoWoman, Summer, 1973. Human Rights, Department of

Fall 1973

(1973) Census data for Iowa by Loren N. Horton, Fall 1973. Cultural Affairs, Department of

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