Surface Improvement and Dust Palliation of Unpaved Secondary Roads and Streets, HR-151, 1973

(1973) Surface Improvement and Dust Palliation of Unpaved Secondary Roads and Streets, HR-151, 1973. Transportation, Department of


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As of December 31, 1970 there were 57,270 miles of Local Secondary roads and 32,958 miles of Farm to Market roads in the Iowa secondary road system. The Local Secondary system carried a traffic load of 2,714,180 daily vehicle miles, accounting for 32% of all traffic in the secondary system. For all Local Secondary roads having some form of surfacing, 98% were surfaced with gravel or crushed stone. During the 1970 construction year 335 miles of surfaced roads were constructed in the Local Secondary system with 78% being surfaced with gravel or crushed stone. The total maintenance expenditure for all secondary roads in Iowa during 1970 amounted to $40,086,091. Of this, 42%, or $17,020,332, was spent for aggregate replacement on existing gravel or crushed stone roads with an additional 31% ($12,604,456) being spent on maintenance other than resurfacing. This amounts to 73% of the total maintenance budget and are the largest two maintenance expenditure items out of a list of 10 ranging from bridges to drainage assessments. The next largest item was 7%, for maintenance of existing flexible bases. Three concurrent phases of study were included in this project: (1) laboratory screenings studies of various additives thought to have potential for long-lasting dust palliation, soil additive strength, durability, and additive retention potential; (2) test road construction using those additives that indicated promise for performance-serviceability usage; and (3) observations and tests of constructed sections for evaluation of the additive's contribution to performance and serviceability as well as the relationship to initial costs.

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