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(1970) 1970 Iowa Hunting and Trapping Laws Synopsis (effective until June 30, 1971, 1970. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Application and reporting procedures for Title III, ESEA grantees : title III of Public Law 89-10, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, 1973. Education, Department of

(1970) Condition of the State of Iowa, 1970 (63rd General Assembly). Governor's Office

(1970) Corrections masterplan report, 1970. Corrections, Department of

(1970) Employee handbook: Iowa Homemaker Standards, 1970. Iowa Workforce Development

(1970) Executive Order Number Two, November 1970. Governor's Office

(1970) Focus on progress in Iowa Schools during the 1960's, 1970. Education, Department of

(1970) Geology and ground-water resources of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, 1970. University of Iowa

(1970) Index for Senate and House Journals, 1970. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1970) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1970. Civil Rights Commission

(1970) Iowa Conservationist Index, January 1970-December 1970, Volume 29. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) The Iowa Official Register, 1969-1970. Secretary of State, Iowa

(1970) Iowa and some Iowans : a bibliography of enrichment books, 1970. Education, Department of

(1970) Iowa, a place to grow,1970. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1970) Journal of the House of Representatives of the 63rd GA Vol. 2, 1970. House of Representatives and Staff

(1970) Journal of the Senate of the 63rd-2 General Assembly of the State of Iowa, 1970. Senate and Staff

(1970) Lime or Chloride Treatment of Granular Base Course Materials, HR-99, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Midwestern States Educational Information Report, July 1970. Education, Department of

(1970) Mineral Resource of Iowa, 1970. University of Iowa

(1970) Phase II planning studies for continuing the state planning and programming process for the State of Iowa. Administrative Services

(1970) Population of Iowa places, 1970. Governor's Office

(1970) Quarterly Biology Report, 1970, Vol. 22 no. 1. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Quarterly Biology Report, 1970, Vol. 22 no. 2. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Quarterly Biology Report, 1970, Vol. 22 no. 3. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Quarterly Biology Report, 1970, Vol. 25 no. 4. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Quick facts about Iowa: A Place to Grow, 1970. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1970) A Report Of A Survey Of Iowa Public School Districts To Determine The Present Status Of Health Education, 1970. Education, Department of

(1970) Roster of State Officials, 1970. Computer Services Division (Legislative Computer Support Bureau)

(1970) Sheeder Prairie Preserve A Natural Prairie Landscape in Guthrie County, Iowa. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Soil Erosion Control for Secondary Roads, HR-155, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian Shell Rock Formation of North Central Iowa: Report of Investigations 10, 1970. University of Iowa

(1970) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1970. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

(1970) Title I in Iowa, 1970. Education, Department of

(1970) Travel in Iowa during: An Economic Analysis of Tourists and the Major Travel-Serving Businesses, 1970. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1970) Two training programs / Glenwood State School, 1970. Human Services, Department of

(1970) User's Guide to ACCESS, 1970. Administrative Services

(1970) Water Supply Bulletin No. 10; Geology and Ground Water Resources of Linn County, Iowa, 1970. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Women's Reformatory Rockwell City, Iowa 50579, 1970. Corrections, Department of

(1970) Worker Education in Germany, 1970. University of Iowa

(1970) A traveling exhibition of relief prints, 1970. Arts Division (Council)

January 1970

(1970) Interstate Highway 29 Usage Study: Sioux City-Sioux Falls, January, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, January 1970, Vol. 29, no.1. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) South Dakota Interstate Highway 29: I-29 Usage Study Planning Report, January 1970. Transportation, Department of

February 1970

(1970) Absorption of Asphalt by Aggregate, HR-142, Progress Report, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, February 1970, Vol. 29, no.2. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Scale Effects in Hydraulic Model Tests of Rock Protected Structures, HR-119, 1970. Transportation, Department of

March 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, March 1970, Vol. 29, no.3. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Preliminary Studies of Remedial Measures for the Prevention of Bridge Deck Deterioration, HR-146, 1970. Transportation, Department of

April 1970

(1970) Des Moines River Flooding Des Moines, Iowa, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, April 1970. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, April 1970, Vol. 29, no.4. Natural Resources, Department of

May 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, May 1970, Vol. 29, no.5. Natural Resources, Department of

June 1970

(1970) Image and Impact of Community Action Agencies in Iowa, June 1970. Iowa Economic Development Authority

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, June 1970, Vol. 29, no.6. Natural Resources, Department of

8 June 1970

(1970) The Iowa scene, 1970. Iowa State University

30 June 1970

(1970) Books, publications, project completion reports, M.S. and Ph. D. theses : research supported by Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute under the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, U.S. Public Law 88-379, U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Water Resources Research, 1970. Iowa State University

July 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, July 1970, Vol. 29, no.7. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Iowa Roads and Streets Functional Classification Manual, 1970. Transportation, Department of

August 1970

(1970) Granular Base Materials for Flexible Pavements, HR-131, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, August 1970, Vol. 29, no.8. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Loss of Prestress, Camber, and Deflection of Non-Composite and Composite Structures Using Different Weight Concretes, HR-137, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) The Prediction of Creep and Shrinkage Properties of Concrete, HR-136, 1970. Transportation, Department of

1 August 1970

(1970) Behavior of Granular Materials Under Triaxial Compression with Pulsating Deviator Stress, HR-131, Special Report, August 1, 1970. Transportation, Department of

September 1970

(1970) Abrasion of Aggregates as Affected by Grading, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Guidelines for the Inclusion of Left-Turn Lanes at Rural Highway Intersections, HR-147, 1970. Transportation, Department of

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, September 1970, Vol. 29, no.9. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) A donde vamos ahora? : (where are we going now) : a report on the problems of the Spanish surnamed and migrant population in Iowa,1970. Civil Rights Commission

October 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, October 1970, Vol. 29, no.10. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Red Oak--Corning, U.S. 34 relocation / prepared by the Highway Planning Surveys Department, Division of Planning, Iowa State Highway Commission in cooperation with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, 1970. Transportation, Department of

November 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, November 1970, Vol. 29, no.11. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) A Study of Portland Cement Maintenance Mix and Set Accelerators, R-249, 1970. Transportation, Department of

December 1970

(1970) Iowa Conservationist, December 1970, Vol. 29, no.12. Natural Resources, Department of

(1970) Plant Size and Frequency of Strike, December 1970. University of Iowa

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