Absorption of Asphalt by Aggregate, HR-142, Progress Report, 1970

(1970) Absorption of Asphalt by Aggregate, HR-142, Progress Report, 1970. Transportation, Department of


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This report summarizes work accomplished under Project HR-142 during the period from January 1, 1969 to December 31, 1969. Pore characteristics of six limestones were studied in relation to their absorption of two asphalt cements. Porosity and pore size distribution were determined by a mercury penetration porosimeter and asphalt absorption was determined by immersion and bulk-impregnated specific gravity methods. A special study was conducted to develop new, simple and more reproducible methods for bulk specific gravity determination. As a result, a new chemical indicator method was developed to determine the saturated surface-dry condition, and a glass mercury pycnometer was designed to determine coarse·and fine aggregates. Asphalt absorption history of one asphalt mixture on campus has been studied since September 1968. Chemical and/or radiation treatments of absorptive aggregates were conducted on four chemicals and two aggregates.

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