Abrasion of Aggregates as Affected by Grading, 1970

(1970) Abrasion of Aggregates as Affected by Grading, 1970. Transportation, Department of


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Many specifications for coarse aggregates, that are to be used in highway construction, limit the percentage of wear when tested by AASHO T-96 "Resistance to Abrasion of Coarse Aggregate by use of the Los Angeles Machine". This test consists of placing a 5000 gram sample of the aggregate in a "hollow steel cylinder, closed at both ends, having an inside diameter of 28 inches and an inside length of 20 inches. The cylinder - - - shall be mounted in such a manner that it may be rotated with the axis in a horizontal position. - A removable steel shelf, projecting radially 3-1/2 inches into the cylinder and extending its full length, shall be mounted along one element of the interior surface of the cylinder."

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Keywords: Abrasion, Aggregates, Aggregate gradation, Geologically affected surfaces, Grading (Earthwork)
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