Granular Base Materials for Flexible Pavements, HR-131, 1970

(1970) Granular Base Materials for Flexible Pavements, HR-131, 1970. Transportation, Department of


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The coefficients of relative strength (CORS) of base courses for use in the American association state highway officials (AASHO) interim guide for the design of flexible pavements are determined here. Based on (1) volumetric strain--axial strain relationships at minimum volume, and (2) effective stress ratio-cohesion relationships at maximum effective stress ratio, CORS were determined from the results of laboratory triaxial tests on both asphalt-treated and untreated aggregate base course materials. The researchers conclude that volumetric strain-axial strain at minimum volume appear to be appropriate parameters for determining CORS.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Aggregate mixtures, Axial loads, Base course (Pavements), Bituminous aggregates, Flexible pavements, Granular materials, Pavement design, Strain (Mechanics), Stress ratio, Triaxial shear tests
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