Marshalltown Iowa Traffic Safety Study, 197X

(0197) Marshalltown Iowa Traffic Safety Study, 197X. Iowa State University


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The study places particular emphasis upon high accident locations, signs and signals, the downtown business district, school pedestrian areas, and railroad crossings and underpasses. The content of the report is structured in such a manner as to provide the City with clear guidelines and directions on the improvements which should be made to improve traffic safety and traffic flow within the City. With this in mind, the reader will find that the first chapters in the report primarily address the city street system at large, wherein the discussion covers the functional classification of streets, city-wide, traffic flow, city traffic generators, city-wide high accident locations, city-wide intersection controls and other items relating to the general street system. The later chapters in the report begin to address specific areas such as the downtown, school areas, railroad crossings and special spot location improvements.

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