1970-75 Overall Program Design, Comprehensive Statewide Planning Program State of Iowa, May 1970

(1970) 1970-75 Overall Program Design, Comprehensive Statewide Planning Program State of Iowa, May 1970. Iowa Economic Development Authority


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The Office for Planning and Programming has been established in the Governor's Office for one fundamental purpose -- to help Iowans rationally guide and improve the human and economic development of our State. Through sophisticated planning tools and techniques, which are now available to private business and public agencies, OPP pursues a mission of reducing the guesswork and uncertainty that go into policy-making and management. The statewide comprehensive planning program performs four basic functions in helping OPP attain this mission. First, it assists OPP in providing a relevant, reliable, and realistic data base to decisionmakers and planners. Second, the program allows OPP to improve the planning capabilities of state and local government, through development of planning systems and training. Third, OPP is able to undertake framework planning for major functional areas of government service and state development. Finally, the internal operations and external communications of OPP itself can be strengthened by the comprehensive planning program.

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Keywords: city planning, neighborhood analysis, comprehensive city planning, long-range community goals, land-use plan, a circulation plan, a community-facility plan, a capital improvements program, zoning ordinance and official map
Subjects: Business and industry > Economic development
City and town government > Municipal facilities
Utilities and communications
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