Transportation in Iowa: A Historical Summary, 1988

(1988) Transportation in Iowa: A Historical Summary, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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“This book traces the development of transportation in Iowa from territorial days to the 19 80s. It shows the evolution of the transportation systems; how they originated, progressed and functioned; their structural organizations; effectiveness in overcoming obstacles, under the guidance of state and federal legislation; and their impact upon the development of the state.” – From the Prologue, page xiii

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Keywords: History; Public transit; Roads; Transportation; Iowa
Subjects: Transportation > Pavements
Transportation > Materials
Transportation > Social impacts
Transportation > Automobiles
Transportation > Bicycling
Transportation > Bridges and tunnels
Transportation > Buses
Transportation > Mass transit
Transportation > Railroads
Transportation > Roads and highways
Transportation > Trucking and freight
Transportation > Water transportation
Transportation > Design and Construction
Transportation > Maps
Transportation > Economics, finance, and taxes
Transportation > Environment
Transportation > Equipment
Transportation > History
Transportation > Law and policies
Transportation > Maintenance and preservation
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