Iowa Interstate Corridor Plan, 2013

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The purpose of this Interstate Corridor Plan (plan) is to provide the Iowa Department of Transportation (Iowa DOT) with an initial screening and prioritization of interstate corridors/segments. This process evaluates the entire interstate system, independent of current financial constraints, using a select group of criteria weighted in terms of their relative significance. The resulting segments would then represent those areas that should be considered for further study (e.g., environmental, design, engineering), with the possibility of being considered for programming by the Iowa Transportation Commission. There was a dominant theme present in conversations with those department stakeholders who have a keen interest in the product of this planning effort. A statement that was often heard was that staff needed more information to help answer the question, “Where do we need to be looking to next, and when?” There was a strong desire to be able to use this plan to help populate that initial pool of candidate segments that would progress towards further study, as discussed below. It was this theme that framed the need for this plan and ultimately guided its development. Further study: As acknowledged at the beginning of this section, the product of this planning effort will be an initial screening and prioritization of interstate corridors/segments. While this initial screening will assist the Iowa DOT in identifying those areas that should be considered for further study, the plan will not identify specific projects or alternatives that could be directly considered as part of the programming process. Bridging the gap between this plan and the programming process are a variety of environmental, design, and engineering activities conducted by various Iowa DOT offices. It is these activities that will further refine the priority corridors/segments identified in this plan into candidate projects. In addition, should the evaluation process developed through this planning effort prove to be successful, it is possible that there will be additional applications, such as future primary system highway plans and statewide freight plans.

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