Impact of Deck Cracking on Durability, TR-405, 2000

(2000) Impact of Deck Cracking on Durability, TR-405, 2000. Transportation, Department of


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Concrete bridge decks subjected to corrosive environment because of the application of de-icing chemical could deteriorate at a rapid rate. In an effort to minimize corrosion of the reinforcement and the corresponding delaminations and spalls, the Iowa Department of Transportation started using epoxy-coated rebars (ECR) in the top mat of reinforcing around 1976 and in both mats 10 years later. The overall objective of this research was to determine the impact of deck cracking on durability and estimate the remaining functional service life of a bridge deck. This was accomplished by conducting a literature review, visually inspecting several bridge decks, collecting and sampling test cores from cracked and uncracked areas of bridge decks, determining the extent to which epoxy-coated rebars deteriorate at the site of cracks, and evaluating the impact of cracking on service life.

Item Type: Departmental Report
Keywords: Bridge decks, Corrosion protection, Cracking of concrete pavements, Deicing chemicals, Delamination, Deterioration by environmental action, Epoxy coatings, Reinforcing bars, Service life, Spalling
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