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(1971) Administrative and Instructional Practices in Iowa Public School Districts for the 1970-1971 School Year, 1971. Education, Department of

(1971) Annual Report Of the State Geologist, 1971, Vol. 42. Natural Resources, Department of

(1971) Copy into Print, 1971. Education, Department of

(1971) Environmental Geology and Land Use Planning in the Sioux City Region, Iowa, 1971. University of Iowa

(1971) Evolution of Design Practice at the Iowa State Highway Commission for the Determination of Peak Discharges at Bridges and Culverts, 1971. Transportation, Department of

(1971) Executive Order Number Five, March 1971. Governor's Office

(1971) Executive Order Number Four, February 1971. Governor's Office

(1971) Executive Order Number Seven, March 1971. Governor's Office

(1971) Executive Order Number SixA, September 1971. Governor's Office

(1971) Executive Order Number Three, February 1971. Governor's Office

(1971) Iowa Civil Rights Commission Annual Report, 1971. Civil Rights Commission

(1971) Poverty in Iowa : an income survey by counties, 1971. Human Rights, Department of

(1971) State of Iowa Transportation Map, 1971. Transportation, Department of

(1971) Summary of Legislation: Iowa General Assembly, 1971. Legislative Services Agency (Legislative Service Bureau)

6 January 1971

(1971) Governor's Educational Advisory Committee Preliminary Recommendations for Governance of Area Schools, 1971. Governor's Office

February 1971

(1971) Organization and Coordination of the Highway Planning Function in Iowa, HR-150, 1971. Transportation, Department of

March 1971

(1971) Computer Instruction in Iowa Schools, March 1971. Education, Department of

(1971) An Investigation of the Chemical Method of Determining the Cement Content of Hardened Concrete, MLR-71-01 and R-248, 1971. Transportation, Department of

April 1971

(1971) Social and sexual development : a guide for teachers of the handicapped, 1971. Education, Department of

May 1971

(1971) Iowa Canoe Trips, 1971. Natural Resources, Department of

June 1971

(1971) Surface Improvement and Dust Palliation of Unpaved Secondary Roads and Streets, Progress Report, HR-151, 1971. Transportation, Department of

29 June 1971

(1971) Highway "Firsts" - State of Iowa, 1971. Transportation, Department of

July 1971

(1971) Consolidation of Loess, 1971. Transportation, Department of

(1971) Durability Study of Type II Cements, MLR-71-03 and R-247, 1971. Transportation, Department of

(1971) Optimal Well Plugging Procedures, July 1971. University of Iowa

(1971) A Study of the Relative Durability and Drying Shrinkage of Concrete using Various Retarders, R-234;MLR-71-02, 1971. Transportation, Department of

August 1971

(1971) Iowa deer hunting, 1971. Natural Resources, Department of

September 1971

(1971) Iowa Department of Transportation : A Design for Growth, 1971. Transportation, Department of

(1971) Programming for the Seventies, September, 1971. Iowa State University Extension

15 October 1971

(1971) Career Education, Student Follow-Up: Iowa Department of Public Instruction, October 15, 1971. Education, Department of

November 1971

(1971) Evaluation of Concrete Sealers for Use on Bridge Pier Tops and Abutments, R-242, 1971. Transportation, Department of

December 1971

(1971) Absorptive Aggregates in Asphalt Paving Mixtures, HR-142, 1971. Transportation, Department of

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