Evaluation of Concrete Sealers for Use on Bridge Pier Tops and Abutments, R-242, 1971

(1971) Evaluation of Concrete Sealers for Use on Bridge Pier Tops and Abutments, R-242, 1971. Transportation, Department of


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Many reports have been written concerning investigations of concrete sealants. The primary concern of most investigators is the protection of bridge decks from de-icing chemicals which cause surface scaling and, when allowed to permeate to reinforcing steel, result in deep spalling and general concrete deterioration. The problem of protecting abutments and pier tops from salt solutions entails a significantly different approach than the problem of protecting bridge decks. The epoxy resins become eligible as a protective material since one need not be concerned with slipperiness or its abrasive characteristics. Protection with linseed oil at regular intervals would prove bothersome because of the inaccessibility of pier tops after the deck is placed. The primary purpose of this investigation was to evaluate various commercial products in terms of their ability to prevent concrete scaling of bridge abutments and pier tops which are subject to salt water deterioration.

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Keywords: Bridge abutments, Bridge piers, Concrete, Linseed oil, Sealing compounds, Structural deterioration and defects
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