Organization and Coordination of the Highway Planning Function in Iowa, HR-150, 1971

(1971) Organization and Coordination of the Highway Planning Function in Iowa, HR-150, 1971. Transportation, Department of


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The Engineering Research Institute at Iowa State University studied the organization and procedures for highway planning by all levels of government and the coordination among various state agencies and local governments in Iowa. Study information was derived from interviews, questionnaires, and a review of the literature. Representatives from state transportation or highway organizations in all states responded to questionnaires. Additionally, selected upper and intermediate level personnel from highway organizations in seven other states were interviewed and a visit was made to one state transportation department. Within Iowa, employees were interviewed in the Highway Commission, Office for Planning and Programming, Development Commission, Commerce Commission, Conservation Commission, and Highway Patrol. Nearly 600 officials of local governments in Iowa contributed factual data and opinions through questionnaires and interviews. Private citizens and consultants also provided input to the investigation through their responses to questionnaires. Twelve recommendations to improve highway planning in Iowa were formulated as a result of this study.

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Keywords: Coordination, Highway planning, Levels of government, Local government, Planning and design, State government, Surveying methods and processes
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