Adult Education in Iowa's Area Schools, 1971

(1971) Adult Education in Iowa's Area Schools, 1971. Education, Department of


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Adult Education in Iowa's Area Schools has witnessed a phenomenal growth during the past four years that the Area Schools have been in existence. During this current school year, in excess of 100,000 Iowans will take advantage of Adult Education programs throughout the state. Adult Education is assuming an ever increasing role in importance, not only in Iowa, but in all of the United States. It is estimated that in the near future, one out of every four American adults will be enrolled in any given year in some type of Adult Education program. The Boards of Directors at the various Area Schools have adopted a policy to permit the Area Schools to contract with the local high school districts in the cooperative offering of Adult Education programs. This type of agreement permits a wide variety of Adult Education courses to be offered in each community school district throughout the state. It also provides an opportunity to utilize expensive school facilities during the evening hours and as a result, these buildings are being better utilized by the taxpayers. When we discuss Adult Education, we must realize that this program serves the individuals who are paying for the sum total of education in the state of Iowa, the adult taxpayer.

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