Environmental Geology and Land Use Planning in the Sioux City Region, Iowa, 1971

(1971) Environmental Geology and Land Use Planning in the Sioux City Region, Iowa, 1971. University of Iowa


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This Atlas of maps was compiled to assist planning boards, engineers and other individuals or organizations that are involved in making decisions which affect land use. Environmental planning is especially necessary in areas that are undergoing rapid urban-industrial and agricultural growth with accompanying modification of rural regions. It was with this consideration in mind that the Sioux City Region was selected as a pilot study area. The maps generated for this study are based on extant data. Because the amount of information available is limited and its distribution within the region is variable, the accompanying maps are very generalized. The control points are marked on the various maps. The maps should be used only as reconnaissance aids in the first stages of land-use planning. They do not obviate the need for site investigations. Elimination of investigations of high-risk regions can prevent unnecessary expenditures of money, time, and effort because they reduce the area of land to be considered during planning. It is to this purpose that this Atlas has been developed.

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