Subgrade Insulation to Prevent Soil Freezing, August 1964

(1964) Subgrade Insulation to Prevent Soil Freezing, August 1964. Transportation, Department of


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The basic purpose of this study was to determine if an expanded polystyrene insulating board could prevent subgrade freezing and thereby reduce frost heave. The insulating board was placed between a nine inch P. C. concrete slab and a frost-susceptible subgrade. In one section at the test site, selected backfill material was placed under the pavement. The P. C. pavement was later covered by asphalt surfacing. Thermocouples were installed for obtaining temperature recordings at various locations in the surfacing, concrete slab, subgrade and shoulders. This report contains graphs and illustrations showing temperature distributions for two years, as well as profile elevations and the results of moisture tests.

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Keywords: Asphalt pavements, Frost protection, Frost susceptible soil, Frozen soils, Insulating materials, Moisture meters, Portland cement concrete, Subgrade (Pavements), Thermocouples
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