FY 2021 Research At-A-Glance

FY 2021 Research At-A-Glance. Transportation, Department of

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From its inception, the Iowa Department of Transportation has been a leader in transportation research. Beginning with the Iowa Highway Research Board in 1949, Iowa DOT has stayed on the leading edge of innovations in materials, processes, and technologies that have brought improvement and longevity to transportation systems around the world. Our Mission: Driving a quality research program that delivers targeted solutions for Iowa’s transportation future.

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Keywords: At-A-Glance
Subjects: Transportation > Pavements
Transportation > Materials
Transportation > Pedestrians
Transportation > Social impacts
Transportation > Traffic Management
Transportation > Bridges and tunnels
Transportation > Roads and highways
Transportation > Traffic safety
Transportation > Trucking and freight
Transportation > Research
Transportation > Design and Construction
Transportation > Data and Information Technology
Transportation > Environment
Transportation > Equipment
Transportation > Maintenance and preservation
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