Iowa Drainage Laws (Annotated), HR-46 and Iowa Highway Research Board Bulletin No. 6, 1957

(1957) Iowa Drainage Laws (Annotated), HR-46 and Iowa Highway Research Board Bulletin No. 6, 1957. Transportation, Department of


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In the preparation of this compilation of drainage laws of Iowa, an attempt has been made to include those sections of the Code to which reference is frequently required by the State Highway Commission, Boards of Supervisors and County Engineers in the conduct of highway and road administration as it is affected by the Iowa drainage laws. Of necessity some Code provisions which have a bearing on the principal subject were omitted. Enactments of the 56th General Assembly which modify existing code sections have been included as part of the regular text of the Code sections included in this publication. THE USER IS CAUTIONED THAT THESE CODE SECTIONS, AS MODIFIED BY THE 56th GENERAL ASSEMBLY, ARE NOT A PART OF THE 1954 CODE OF IOWA AND ARE OFFICIAL ONLY INSOFAR AS THEY ARE PRINTED IN THE OFFICIAL PUBLICATION ACTS OF THE 56TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY. SINCE THE 57TH GENERAL ASSEMBLY IS IN SESSION DURING THE PRINTING OF THIS PUBLICATION, ENACTMENTS OF THAT BODY WHICH AMEND OR REPEAL SECTIONS SET OUT HEREIN ARE INCLUDED IN THE BACK OF THIS VOLUME ON THE PINK-COLORED PAPER. THE USER IS CAUTIONED IN USING THIS VOLUME TO REFER TO THE TABLE OF SECTIONS REPEALED OR AMENDED, ON THE PINK-COLORED PAPER AT THE BACK OF THIS VOLUME. This publication is offered with the hope and belief that it will prove to be of value and assistance to those concerned with the problems of administering a highway, road and drainage system.

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