Iowa System of Bridge Deck Rehabilitation with Cathodic Protection, HR-1044, 1986

(1986) Iowa System of Bridge Deck Rehabilitation with Cathodic Protection, HR-1044, 1986. Transportation, Department of


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Bridge deck and substructure deterioration due to the corrosive effects of deicing chemicals on reinforcing steel is a problem facing many transportation agencies. The main concern is protection of older bridges with uncoated reinforcing steel. Many different methods have been tried over the past years to repair bridge decks. The Iowa system of bridge deck rehabilitation has proven to be very effective. It consists of scarifying the deck surface, removing any deteriorated concrete, and overlaying with low slump dense concrete. Another rehabilitation method that has emerged is cathodic protection. It has been used for many years in the protection of underground pipelines and in 1973 was first installed on a bridge deck. Cathodic protection works by applying an external source of direct current to the embedded reinforcing steel, thereby changing the electrochemical process of corrosion. The corroding steel, which is anodic, is protected by changing it to a cathodic state. The technology involved in cathodic protection as applied to bridge decks has improved over the last 12 years. One company marketing new technology in cathodic protection systems is Raychem Corporation of Menlo Park, California. Their system utilizes a Ferex anode mesh that distributes the impressed direct current over the deck surface. Ferex mesh was selected because it seemed readily adaptable to the Iowa system of bridge deck rehabilitation. The bridge deck would be scarified, deteriorated concrete removed, Ferex anode mesh installed, and overlaid with low slump dense concrete. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) promotes cathodic protection under Demonstration Project No. 34, "Cathodic Protection for Reinforced Concrete Bridge Decks."

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