Production of Acetic Acid for CMA Deicer, HR-304, 1988

(1988) Production of Acetic Acid for CMA Deicer, HR-304, 1988. Transportation, Department of


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Although the overall objective for undertaking this project is to help decide on the best way to produce CMA, the tasks to be performed deal primarily with acetic acid itself. The objectives of our part of this project can be restated here: A. Evaluate the cost and composition of potential low-cost fermentation substrates that are available in large quantity at central locations in Iowa. B. Compare the nutritional and physiological properties of a variety of homoacetogenic bacteria relative to acetic acid production, based on information available in the literature. C. Using both of these pools of information, evaluate the possibilities for use of substrates for acetic acid production that are significantly cheaper than the previous sugar, starch hydrolysate or whole corn based studies; also, compare the different acetogens encountered with the most commonly discussed acetogen, Clostridium thermoaceticum; arrive at conclusions on 1-3 of the best agriculture-derived substrates that should be further examined, and on 1-3 of the best organisms to evaluate experimentally. D. Collect experimental data at the tube and fermentor scale on 1-2 of the possibilities in C above. E. Comment on our understanding of acetic acid production possibilities from our perspective as microbiologists, and provide all this above information to Paul Peterschmidt for him to consider for his portion of this report. F. In addition, we would like to point out the possible advantage of examining the use of an agricultural by-product, corn steep liquor, as a direct, non-fermented feedstock for a non-acetic acid deicer.

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