Evaluation of an Epoxy Pavement Marking System, HR-180, 1978

(1978) Evaluation of an Epoxy Pavement Marking System, HR-180, 1978. Transportation, Department of


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The purpose of this research project is to determine if (1) epoxy lane markings will last an entire winter season without replacement, (2) epoxy lane marking is an economical alternative to standard paint on high-traffic multi-lane roadways where lane changing is frequent, and (3) there are worthwhile benefits derived from thorough cleaning of the pavement surface before painting. The success of epoxy lane marking depends on the success of the equipment with which it is mixed and applied. The epoxy lane marking material, if properly mixed and placed on a clean surface, has the durability required to withstand a high traffic volume and frequent lane changes for at least one year.

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Keywords: Deterioration by environmental action, Economic analysis, Epoxy coatings, Highway maintenance, Road markings, Traffic volume
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