1HF 1Limited sales and use tax exemption for residential metered gas and electricity or heating fuel
2HF 191School finance — allowable growth
3SF 63Child endangerment
4HF 222Bank offices and branches
5SF 258Tobacco settlement authority — extension of time
6SF 83Uniform citation and complaint — verification
7HF 267Department of natural resources — waste management assistance division
8HF 192Access to criminal history and abuse information — department of inspections and appeals
9SF 279Expenses related to regulation of public utilities — assessments
10HF 154Paid time off for injured department of public safety peace officers
11HF 230Iowa economic development board strategic planning duties
12HF 286Cooperative associations — members, nonmembers, and memberships — fictitious names
13HF 325Regulation of multiple employer welfare arrangements
14SF 125Interstate wildlife violators compact membership
15HF 287Interstate compact for adult offender supervision
16SF 276Licensure of insurance producers — deregulation of legal expense insurance
17HF 327Enticing away and sexual exploitation of a minor
18SF 146Tobacco settlement agreement modifications
19HF 179Animal bites and rabies — law enforcement agency dogs and horses
20HF 228State building code and preemployment records checks
21HF 269Secured consumer loans for motor vehicles — balloon payments
22HF 470Iowa communications network — proprietary interests
23HF 597Meat and poultry processors — unclaimed deer venison
24HF 194Nonsubstantive Code corrections
25HF 549Agricultural liens
26HF 89School curriculum and telecommunications — supervision of students
27SF 94Sexually violent predators — escape from custody
28SF 102Charitable gift annuities
29HF 225Election of state fair board directors
30HF 256Health care facility regulation
31HF 272Felonious misconduct by public officer or employee — falsified writings
32HF 324Transportation — miscellaneous provisions
33HF 353Driver education — instruction time
34HF 569Proposed uniform computer information transactions Act — effect — intent
35HF 624Mayor-council city government — appointment and dismissal of police chief or marshal
36HF 628Grain dealer regulation — exceptions
37SF 479On-site wastewater systems assistance program
38HF 259Notarial acts and officers
39HF 270Campus security and sexual abuse policies and reports
40HF 383Designation of model communities — approval
41HF 462Area education agency administrative costs reimbursement — federal Individuals With Disabilities Education Act funds
42HF 469Termination of agricultural equipment dealership agreements — repurchases required of supplier
43SF 347Domestic abuse protective orders — plaintiff's fees and costs
44SF 372Public records and documents
45SF 453County administrative procedures, filing requirements, and related costs
46HF 178Child abuse and protection — drug manufacture or possession in child's presence
47HF 293School board duties — officers — annual settlements
48HF 309Instructional support program participation — West Bend-Mallard school district
49HF 400Real estate appraiser regulation
50HF 481Establishment of city election precincts
51HF 636Underground storage tank registration and reporting — corrective action benefits
52SF 465Biodiesel fuel revolving fund
53HF 294Compensation of school board members
54HF 301Rural fire protection
55HF 451Practice of accounting — licensure
56HF 566Registered voters, eligible electors, and qualified voters
57HF 567Adoptions — interstate legal risk placements and standby procedures
58SF 433Public health regulation
59SF 449Indian housing authority property — tax exemption
60SF 462Energy loan fund — eligible improvements
61HF 384Economic and community development and job training programs
62HF 389School board duties — suspension of practitioners
63HF 458Limitation of criminal actions — incest — sexual exploitation
64HF 655Adult day services
65HF 663County public hospital trustee eligibility — health care practitioners
66HF 686State and local competition with private industry — notice
67SF 355Custody of newborn infants — release at institutional health care facilities — parental rights
68SF 497Iowa public employees' retirement system — administration and investments
69SF 500Insurance regulation
70HF 292Information technology department — financial operations and transactions
71HF 326Civil rights actions — mediation
72HF 526Reciprocity standards for barbers — study
73HF 550Sex offender registration — criminal HIV transmission
74SF 114Health care entities, organizations, and institutions — names and composition
75SF 186County hospital fund tax levy
76SF 384Credit union division employee compensation
77SF 452Uniform prescription drug information cards
78SF 511Legalization of city of Davenport ordinances and amendments
79HF 310Child support recovery unit — court records access — setoff payments for support
80HF 654Property exempt from execution — retirement plan contributions, earnings, and increases in value
81SF 62Processing, storage, and distribution of honey — residences
82SF 168City cable television franchises
83SF 169Real estate transactions by attorney in fact — regulation — multiple similar transactions
84SF 259Crime victim compensation fund — use of moneys
85SF 337Transfer of structured settlement payment rights — tort and workers' compensation claims
86HF 352Iowa battle flag collection
87HF 356Workers' compensation and other liability — miscellaneous changes
88HF 535City enterprises — funding of child care center construction and equipment
89HF 581Drainage or levee district election districts — size
90HF 647Department of transportation release and use of personal information
91SF 84Purple loosestrife — ban on import, sale, or distribution
92SF 184County sheriff services — fees — garnishment release
93SF 242Authentication procedures for medication and standing orders — hospitals
94SF 265Nonoperative air bags — installation, distribution, or sale — penalty
95SF 313County board of supervisors appointees — removal
96HF 73Military honor guard services by veterans organizations
97HF 707Income taxation of foreign corporations — temporary storage of goods
98SF 57City franchises — utilities — elections
99SF 141Accelerated career education program — allocation of program job credits
100SF 185Factory-built structures — manufactured home installer certification
101SF 209Control of infectious or contagious diseases in cattle and other animals — paratuberculosis
102SF 323Investments by municipal utility retirement systems
103SF 336State regulation of education practitioner rights, responsibilities, practices, and ethics
104HF 229Reserve peace officers
105HF 560Regulation of child foster care
106HF 662Community empowerment initiative
107HF 711Drainage or levee district tax assessment levy
108SF 344Confidential public records — communications from persons outside of government
109SF 354Administration of decedents' estates — medical assistance claims
110SF 412Compulsory school attendance age
111SF 418Unemployment compensation — social security pensions — employment by Indian tribe
112HF 180Dissolution of marriage — financial information — court-approved courses
113HF 354Determination and pronouncement of death
114HF 674Area education agency accreditation and reorganization or dissolution
115HF 705Taxation of electricity, natural gas, and fuels used for residential energy
116HF 715Tax administration and related matters
117SF 392Appeals from juvenile court
118SF 473Industries, transactions, and persons regulated by commissioner of insurance
119SF 519Tax assessment of property rented or leased to low-income persons
120HF 502Offenses against animal facilities or crop operations
121HF 635Employee compensation for travel time to and from worksites
122HF 680Child and dependent adult abuse reporting
123HF 716Ethanol blended gasoline — related taxes
124HF 722Solid waste — tonnage fees — solid waste account moneys
125HF 733Health insurance and health insurance associations — miscellaneous changes
126SF 203School finance — miscellaneous changes
127SF 140Internal Revenue Code references and income tax provisions
128SF 198Family investment program — postsecondary education assistance
129SF 211Department of agriculture and land stewardship — miscellaneous changes
130SF 339Hunting and fishing violations — fines
131SF 346Crimes, reports of crimes, and department of corrections activities
132SF 350Transportation — additional miscellaneous changes
133SF 393Criminal defendants' restitution plans — petitions
134SF 407Licenses and fees regulated by department of natural resources
135SF 458Services and proceedings involving juvenile delinquents and other children
136SF 470Infectious and contagious diseases in animals — regulation and remedies
137SF 499Scheduled fines — miscellaneous changes
138SF 515Public utility crossings — railroad rights-of-way
139SF 520Taxation of methane gas and other gas conversion property
140SF 523Distribution of estates by affidavit — taxation
141HF 349Economic development programs — investment tax credits — enterprise zones
142HF 564Cooperative associations — reversion of disbursements
143HF 713County lease or lease-purchase contracts and records, fees, and tax credits affecting real property
144HF 724Iowa heritage license plate fees — allocation
145HF 731Utility replacement tax
146SF 480Community college faculty licensing — review
147HF 579Administration and management of executive branch personnel
148HF 720Licenses issued by the department of natural resources — fees
149HF 723Sales and use taxes on irrigation equipment
150HF 736Tax administration — additional related matters
151HF 739Application of sales and services tax receipts to bonded indebtedness — political subdivisions
152SF 526Unclaimed and abandoned property — business association property
153HF 656Manufactured or mobile homes — licensing and regulation
154HF 712Homestead and family farm tax credits — miscellaneous changes
155HF 727Mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities services
156SF 81Criteria for state economic development financial assistance
157HF 590Communicable and infectious diseases and HIV — care provider exposure — testing
158HF 637Libraries, library services, and administration and school improvement technology funds
159HF 643Education — miscellaneous changes
160HF 737Keep Iowa beautiful fund — income tax checkoff
161SF 476Student achievement and teacher quality program
162SF 524Grape and wine development
163SF 98Unemployment compensation — natural disasters
164SF 532Tobacco settlement program — miscellaneous changes
165SF 543Criminal sentencing — miscellaneous changes
166HF 598Child protection center grant program
167HF 695School-to-career program — miscellaneous changes
168SF 486Law enforcement initiative surcharge
169HF 687Administration and oversight of state government
170HF 745Regulation of foot and mouth disease
171SF 65Appropriations — supplemental funding for low-income home energy assistance
172SF 267Supplemental appropriations and reductions
173SF 509Supplemental appropriations — department of transportation — road salt
174SF 533Tobacco settlement trust fund — appropriations to Iowa's health account
175HF 706Appropriations — energy conservation programs funding
176HF 755Miscellaneous appropriations, reductions, and other provisions
177HF 413Student achievement and teacher quality program — appropriations and allocations
178SF 525Federal block grant appropriations
179SF 527Appropriations — judicial branch
180SF 528Appropriations — transportation
181SF 535Appropriations — education
182HF 726Appropriations — health and human rights
183HF 725Appropriations — agriculture and natural resources
184SF 537Tobacco settlement fund appropriations
185HF 742Appropriations — infrastructure and capital projects
186SF 530Appropriations — justice system
187SF 531Appropriations — administration and regulation
188HF 718Appropriations — economic development
189HF 719Appropriations — state government technology and operations
190HF 746Compensation for public employees
191HF 732Appropriations — human services
192HF 740Senior living trust fund appropriations and nursing facility reimbursement
193SJR 6Nullification of administrative rule — unprotected nongame status of reptiles
194HJR 5Nullification of administrative rule — administration fee for local option sales and services tax
195HJR 11Nullification of administrative rule — wild turkey harvest reports
196SJR 3Sixth judicial district department of correctional services lease-purchase agreement
197SJR 7World food prize awards ceremony
198SJR 8Food safety and genetic engineering educational program
June 19, 2001 Extraordinary Session
1HF 758Congressional and legislative redistricting
2HF 696Employment security administrative contribution surcharge — computation — use of funds
3HF 757Individual income tax — federal income tax rebate
4HF 577Electric power generation and transmission — miscellaneous provisions
5HF 698Appropriations — regulatory and expenditure matters
November 8, 2001 Extraordinary Session
1HF 762Homeland security and defense — military duty and emergency management services
2HF 760State budgeting practices
3HF 763Hospital trust fund
4HF 764Department of human services field services reorganization
5SF 551State government employment — reductions-in-force initiatives
6HF 759Miscellaneous funding restoration, reductions, and other provisions

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