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29732Cumulative index of the Iowa Conservationist and Iowa Outdoors magazines.28
27142Developmental strength program / Iowa Football, 2017.24
23101Iowa Judicial Retirement System independent auditor's report schedule of employer pension amounts, June 30, 201615
30180B-1 Monthly Report of Medical Services Provided under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, April 20199
11096Consumer Advisory Bulletin, Be Wary of Online Payday Loans, July 20118
27032Mitigation of Sedimentation at Multi-Box Culverts TR-665 November 20176
27882Evaluation of Otta Seal Surfacing for Low-Volume Roads in Iowa - TR-6745
21913Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Research & Analytics Guidance on Data Management Plan (DMP) Requirements for Federally Funded Research Projects5
20080Wind Loads on Dynamic Message Cabinets and Behavior of Supporting Trusses, TR-612, 20134
25154Iowa Aviation System Plan 2010-2030: Individual Airport Report; Winterset Municipal Airport, June 8, 20114

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