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9965Placement of Students Ages 3-21 with Disabilities Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA): A Policy Discussion, May 201022
23101Iowa Judicial Retirement System independent auditor's report schedule of employer pension amounts, June 30, 201615
27371B-1 Monthly Report of Medical Services Provided under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, April 201810
11096Consumer Advisory Bulletin, Be Wary of Online Payday Loans, July 20118
26448The Amoco M.G. Eisched #1 Deep Petroleum Test Carroll County, IA, April 19906
4859Bedrock Geologic Map of Iowa, 19986
20249Iowa 2015-2016 Bicycle Map, 20156
20047Economics of Using Calcium Chloride vs. Sodium Chloride for Deicing/Anti-Icing, TR-488, 20086
4863Bedrock Aquifers of Iowa, 2004 5
26428Ground-water Date for the Alluvial, Buried Channel, Basel Pleistocene and Dakota Aquifer in West-Central Iowa, August 19855

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