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27142Developmental strength program / Iowa Football, 2017.24
33088Fact Sheet: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), February 20, 20158
38317Strategies for Implementing Health Improvement Plans: Highlights from County HIP 2018 Progress Reports, July 31, 20187
25458Foster Parent Handbook, June 20025
20069Development of LRFD Procedures for Bridge Pile Foundations in Iowa Volume III: Recommended Resistance Factors with Consideration of Construction Control and Setup, TR-584, 20125
33520Compendium of Scheduled Violations and Scheduled Fines, July 20195
38162Iowa DNR News, September 18, 20215
20068Development of LRFD Design Procedures for Bridge Piles in Iowa Field Testing of Steel H-Piles in Clay, Sand, and Mixed Soils and Data Analysis (Volume II), TR-583, 20115
25719The Natural History of Pikes Peak State Park, Clayton County, Iowa: Field Guidebook, November 4, 20005
3975Field investigation of hydraulic structures facilitating fish abundance & passage through bridges in western Iowa streams;TR-521, March 20065

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