Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Bridges and Structures, TPF-5(372), March 21, 2024

(2024) Building Information Modeling (BIM) for Bridges and Structures, TPF-5(372), March 21, 2024. Transportation, Department of

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In 2017, the AASHTO Committee on Bridges and Structures (COBS), Technical Committee T-19 on Software and Technology organized the pooled fund study TPF-5(372) BIM for Bridges and Structures. The pooled fund objective was to develop a standard way of exchanging 3D models and other digital data using an open, nonproprietary format. The TPF-5(372) study was a multi-year and multifaceted project with various areas of focus. The main technical focus was developing an open data standard for software developers to incorporate into their software products that are utilized by the US bridge industry. This final report organizes the formal deliverables of the study as “direct outcomes” and summarizes the product, its purpose, significance, and outcomes. The report also discusses the indirect outcomes of the study, summarizing the connection to the study, the significance, and the outcome. The appendix includes the document-based products of the study. Finally, this report discusses the next steps that should follow the TPF-5(372) study. These next steps would continue the work undertaken in this study and govern and steward its products.

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