History of Expansion Joint Use on Iowa's Primary Road System, May 1975

(1975) History of Expansion Joint Use on Iowa's Primary Road System, May 1975. Transportation, Department of


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Expansion joints are constructed transversely across the roadway to accommodate the expansive movement of P.C. Concrete Pavements caused by fluctuations in temperature, thereby providing protection to adjacent structures or pavements from damage caused by this movement. Expansion joints may be constructed using a combination of dowels and compressive materials, however, in recent years dowels have been generally omitted. The compressible material used must be able to resist the elements, rebound to its original shape after each compressive cycle, and must not itself develop damaging compressive forces. Expansion joints have been used by the Iowa State Highway Commission as part of its earliest road building endeavors. The use and type of expansion joints have varied through the years. The following report will discuss the major applications of the expansion joint in highway construction in Iowa.

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