Discontinuities in a Relativistic Gas, April 1967

(1967) Discontinuities in a Relativistic Gas, April 1967. Iowa State University


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The basic aim of this paper ls to present the Ray Theory. This result is important in the integration of the equation which governs the growth of the discontinuity. For the nonrelativistic case, we have shown the power of this theory in the study of the growth equation. Non-linearity, non-homogeneity and anisotropy can all be discussed in a straight-forward manner. The purpose of the present discussion is to generalise these results to relativistic phenomena and illustrate their applicability by means of a simple model. So we limit our model to Special Relativity. When the necessary continuity requirements on the gravitational potentials are satisfied, the results are valid for General Relativity also (with the necessary modifications, when the model adopted for the material energy tensor changes).

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Keywords: By: Nariboli, G. A Contributor(s): Iowa State University. Engineering Research Institute; Gases; Wave mechanics
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