Some Aspects of Wave-Propagation, April 1967

(1967) Some Aspects of Wave-Propagation, April 1967. Iowa State University


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The term "wave" encompasses a large class of phenomena; it may be ass.ociated with dispersion and dissipation. This study is based on the theory of singular surfaces. It is postulated that there exist discontinuities in certain quantities across such surfaces that move. For a linear and homogeneous problem, transform technique provides a wealth of information. When anisotropy is present, inversions become complicated, though some information can still be extracted. For the nonhomogeneous and nonlinear problems, such techniques do not work. The theory presented here does not provide the solution throughout the field; it is restricted to the singular surface. A full field picture can only be obtained by piecing together smooth solutions with such discontinuous ones. However, one can discuss the most general non-linear; nonhomogeneous, and anisotropic problem.

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Note: eries: Engineering research (Iowa State University. Engineering Research Institute) ; report 57.
Keywords: By: Nariboli, G. A Contributor(s): Iowa State University. Engineering Research Institute; Wave mechanics
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