Improving Concrete Patching Practices on Iowa Roadways TR-731

(2022) Improving Concrete Patching Practices on Iowa Roadways TR-731. Transportation, Department of

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This research effort aims to improve pavement patching practices in Iowa by identifying best practices used for portland cement concrete (PCC) pavement repairs in the upper Midwestern United States and by developing guidelines and tools for improved materials selection, repair installation, and quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) of full-depth and partial-depth PCC pavement repairs. This project included a literature review, survey of Midwestern DOTs, field trial repairs, and development of recommended repair procedures and drawings. The effort focused specifically on repairs to jointed plain concrete pavements (JPCPs) using long-term, durable materials such as portland cement concrete, polymer-based materials, and proprietary rapid setting patch materials. The outcome of this applied research includes practical recommendations to the Iowa DOT on both fulldepth and partial-depth repair materials, procedures, and QA/QC procedures. In addition, a web-based application was developed to communicate the recommended materials, drawings, practices and QA/QC procedures to personnel designing, inspecting, and performing repairs on Iowa pavements. The goal of the web-based application is to provide guidance regarding the selection of patching materials, the definition and preparation of the patch area, the details of the repairs, the installation of the repairs, and the associated QA/QC procedures and reporting.

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Keywords: Full-depth concrete patching, partial-depth concrete patching, pavement, concrete repair, concrete repair materials, jointed plain concrete pavements, and portland cement concrete.
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